These skins in Fortnite probably just got banned because of the controversy. Many people own them

If Epic still wants to avoid any connection to the controversy, the next skins will disappear completely from the store.

This information is unconfirmed and should be approached with caution. However, YouTubers have no doubts, the exact same information has appeared on many channels:

It is unlikely that the skins will become incredibly rare because up to this point, they have been coming out quite regularly and a whole lot of people have them. Getting them in the future may indeed be difficult.

Rick and Morty banned from Fortnite?

While these are only speculations by YouTubers at this point, they are supported by bans of many other various cosmetic items. If Epic wants to avoid controversy, it may actually abandon the release of these skins altogether.

Many media outlets are writing about it, it’s about the voice actor. So for sure, one of the emoticons that uses his voice will not return to Fortnite.

These skins often appeared in stores, so the answer to whether the skins will be banned or not will come rather quickly.