Epic will want to change the meta in Fortnite once again. A specific weapon will be added to the game

Epic apparently wants to impact the meta again.

This year, there is no need to count on incredibly exciting information about Fortnite. Epic is on vacation until February 2, and there are only a few hours left until the beginning of 2022. All leaks have long since been published, and no new leaks are to be expected.

Update 19.10, which will be released either next Tuesday, January 4, or January 11, will bring a breath of fresh air.

But there is one interesting piece of information

HYPEX wrote about this a few days ago, but it’s worth mentioning. Especially that, as we have already established, not much is happening. A new weapon is to come into the game, potentially it is something like a pistol that will deal a lot of damage to structures.

Its statistics are:

What is the conclusion? Epic will release a weapon that is able to significantly affect the gameplay. 400 damage means this weapon, whatever it is, will destroy structures that are in place.

It’s obvious that developers want to keep the pace of the game pretty much up there, and this weapon can do just that. Players will want faster duels since their walls will no longer provide as much protection.

When will it be introduced? Maybe in update 19.10, or maybe 19.40 – unfortunately nobody knows that. HYPEX entries show that this is only an early stage of creating this weapon and even the size of the magazine is something of a placeholder.