A perfect example of why one shouldn’t get too excited. It’s Overwatch 2’s announced “Sneak Peek”

Blizzard’s words should always be taken with a grain of salt, and Jeff Kaplan’s excitement should be divided by at least two.

Overwatch players have always looked for some additional, hidden meanings in Blizzard’s words and messages. It used to make sense because the developers actually put some little Easter eggs or hints on what to expect in their announcements.

Overwatch hasn’t changed, but all the communication around it has. It is even hard to say that it was a change because the communication with players simply ceased to exist. These days, it all comes down to corporate language, which for real core players can be confusing or make them completely unnecessarily excited.

Overwatch 2’s “Sneak Peek” in the book

An example of how you simply have to wait and not pay too much attention to what Blizzard says is the book “Art of Overwatch, Volume 2”. During its announcement, Blizzard mentioned that “Sneek Peek” of Overwatch 2 will be in it.

The players themselves got excited that it would be something more, something interesting, some additional information. A whole story arose around these words, especially since the book was translated several times. One of the Reddit users with the nickname “ZenofyMedia” writes about it.

In the entry, the player mentions that the name of McCree has not been changed, although according to the community, this was the reason for the delays. In any case, “sneek peak” looks like this:

Is there anything that players don’t know or that will surprise them? No, but no one promised this would happen. It was the community that got excited by itself. The delays added to this aura of mystery.

Conclusions? It is worth waiting for this moment, perhaps not getting excited about Blizzard’s words, and looking at leaks with a grain of salt.