Epic shut down a part of the Fortnite store because of Travis Scott and recent events at his show

There was a tragedy during Travis Scott’s concert. People rammed each other, causing several deaths and many people injured.

What happened at the Travis Scott concert had an effect at Fortnite. The developers decided that they did not want to promote cosmetic items related to the artist in any way. As a result, one of the sections of the store was turned off yesterday.

You can also guess that Travis Scott’s skin will never return to Fortnite. Until now, you could speculate, but now it is rather certain that the skin will only remain with the players who bought it on the occasion of its premiere.

Epic shuts down part of the store

Yesterday, a lot of people were surprised to see that Epic disabled the Daily Tab in the Fortnite Store. There was an official announcement on social media saying that the section will be enabled for the next item rotation.

The reason was not given, but players have no doubt that it has to do with Travis Scott. His emote – “Out west” – landed in the store.

Perhaps the developers found it easiest to disable the section, rather than deleting the emote specifically.