Giga Chad made an appearance in Fortnite and players ask how Epic could have accepted it

Giga Chad came to Fortnite in a rather unusual place.

Everyone knows that Fortnite players are incredibly creative. Now Epic itself has found out about it. Some of the developers must have been very tired because a thumbnail was allowed for one of the game modes that definitely should not be there.

These are creative modes, the creators of which have the option of setting promotional graphics. One player decided to use it for a dishonorable purpose, and to his surprise, Epic accepted it.

Giga Chad in Fortnite

The featured artwork depicts a very popular character, mostly from memes and male complaints. It will probably be changed soon, but so far everyone can actually search for this very specific 1vs1 mode.

The map code is:


Seeing how popular this image is becoming, Epic may soon come to the conclusion that it will release a similar skin. Rather, no one would be particularly surprised. Especially that we are talking about Fortnite, in which memic skins have appeared several times.