The current Fortnite map has already beaten the OG one

Officially, the current map in a way defeated the original one.

All Fortnite players perfectly know the “OG” map, the one that has been in the game since Season 1 of Chapter 1. Now players have realized by speculating about Chapter 3 that the current island has defeated the original one.

The original map was in the game for over a year, hardly anyone counted it exactly, but you could play it for 747 days in total. Today this result has been officially beaten.

The current map has been in Fortnite longer than the previous one

The new, current map is in the game from the end of 2019. It happened so quickly that hardly anyone realized. In fact, the number of days and the theories about chapter 3 are coming together:

These comparisons also show how much progress Epic has made. In fact, there are not many spots left, only a similar shape has been preserved.