Epic plans to change Fortnite building forever. All with one click

It seems Epic is looking to start messing with the basic rules that are in Fortnite.

Something strange is happening with Epic. The developers have apparently concluded that more than just the island needs to be changed. It is known from recent leaks that the official no-building mode will soon be introduced to the game.

But that’s not all, Epic will want to change building in a way that requires far less skill in the next chapter. How? Ready-made buildings will be introduced to the game.

How is it supposed to work?

At the moment, there are several ready-made structures in the files. For example, that’s something called “box”:

According to leaks, something like this can be set up only with one mouse click. Like other ready-made structures:

The whole thing is to be a special function that can be changed in the interface settings. The principle of operation is very simple – you press one button and it automatically creates what you have selected.

According to leaks, this is a plan for chapter 3, but in the face of all the hype about season 9 and theories that it may not be there, “smart building” may appear even in a few weeks.