It has begun. These “privileged” people on Discord already have their own nicknames

As announced, Discord is starting to introduce nicknames instead of the previous usernames with numbers.

2 weeks ago, Discord officially announced that it was moving away from nicknames with numbers. These will be, or rather, are already being replaced by unique nicknames. Everyone was wondering when this would come in and whether the platform would accidentally back out of it.

So we have the answer. Discord has already started to introduce this now. For the time being, it applies only to a specific group of people. It is about specific people affiliated with the messenger.

The first people already have it

Ordinary people can not yet change their nicknames, but the so-called “Staff” can. These are people directly from Discord, i.e. moderation, etc. This allows you to see what it will really look like.

That is, yes, we have the normal nickname in the preview, while when you hover over it, the old normal one also appears with numbers. It’s still unclear when normal people will get this, but it shows that Discord has absolutely no plans to back out of this.

People are speculating that everyone will probably get it in a few weeks, as this was the information originally provided by Discord. It was only later changed to “several months.” It’s possible that it’s some kind of protection, so that later on people won’t complain about the long period of introducing this.