Discord introduces the possibility of adding your pronouns

Some users may already enter their pronouns. The new feature split the community.

It’s something that has been showing up in leaks for a while. Today it is confirmed that Discord wanted and finally started to introduce the possibility of entering your pronouns. It is about easier identification of the gender of the person you are talking to.

This has not been announced anywhere, Discord is not commenting on the matter. Users themselves noticed that a new option had appeared in their customers. It is not known what percentage of users can enter pronouns at the moment, but for now it can be treated as a test.

Ability to enter pronouns on Discord

It sparked discussions among the community of the messenger as to whether it was really necessary. You can see that many people are against it, but there are also a lot of people who are positive about the new function.

The option has been added to the profile. To set it, enter:

  • User settings,
  • User profile.

If you have it available, you are taking part in the test. If not, it will take a while.

Is it needed? Everyone has their opinion, but as usual – the tests will show whether it is worth introducing it to everyone or not.