Twitch pissed off streamers with the new settings. A lot of people have wasted time and money streaming

Twitch a few days ago changed one, but very important thing in VODs. As a result, a lot of people lost time and money.

The case got very loud when one of the YouTubers streaming on Twitch began to openly talk about the fact that he was losing money through the new Twitch system.

In a nutshell, for a few days there was a problem with the VOD system, i.e. saved Twitch streams. For some reason, the system detected DMCA violations and automatically withdrew published material. This caused more problems than you might think.

Disappearing VOD on Twitch

A streamer known as NothernLion, which has over a million subscribers on Youtube, streamed himself to TTV and then uploaded VODs to YouTube. People watched them, and everyone was happy. Due to the recent changes, VODs have either disappeared altogether or had to be manually published. This caused some terrible confusion because streamers did not know what was happening or why.


After a few days, people are still trying to figure out why VODs are disappearing and streamers are getting really tired of this topic. In theory, the solution is simple, as someone claiming to be a former Twitch employee writes:

It appears as if there is a bug in the recently updated DMCA system that is affecting stream recordings. Each of them has to be manually published, which is very onerous at the moment. So, in short:

  • A violation is detected.
  • The setting for VOD publication is changed automatically.
  • The streamers don’t know this, so they don’t share VODs, thinking they are deleted.

Twitch needs to know about it and the website is probably already working on solving the problem.