A cam streamer uploaded her “accidental mishaps.” She ended up banned

One girl came up with the idea on which she based her entire business. In fact, she managed to make a bit of a name for herself. Ultimately, however, her account was deleted.

It is possible to gain as much as to lose from “slip-ups”. It is known that if you are a very well-known person, usually a streamer, such slip-ups do not work to your advantage. At least image-wise. What’s different is when you are just starting your career.

That’s why one streamer typically from cams figured out that she would build her “brand” on subtle slip-ups. Seemingly innocent, seemingly accidental ones.

The plan was quite good

It must be admitted that the plan and execution were very good. The girl published her slip-ups on TikTok. Many of the videos were similar, only with different outfits.


If you’re interested in the full video – CLICK. Seemingly nothing to be seen here, and yet. One could actually consider it a slip-up if it were not for one detail. The account published in large part just such mishaps.


These spread very quickly on the Internet, and it’s hardly surprising. After all, in theory, she is a reasonably popular Tiktoker. The problem is that after entering the profile, a lot of similar videos were showing up. So there was no question of coincidence but of a clever and consistently executed plan.

Strange that in this case is that TT understood what was going on so late. In the end, the account was actually banned, while it was after a few dozen days when individual videos started making tens of thousands of views each.

Of course, the girls know what to do in such cases, and there are several other accounts that publish these videos and continue to be available normally. All done the same, published in a non-obvious way. Only after reports do the accounts get banned.