The streamer sabotages the podcast. After being kicked out, she showed her “assets” to everyone on the stream

A really unusual situation occurred during one of the popular podcasts.

During a really popular podcast, one of the girls got offended. All because the host simply threw her out. This is because the girl, known, among other things, for OF and you know what kind of videos, stated that if a man doesn’t pay for both of them on the first date, the woman doesn’t see a future with him.

Girl’s sabotage during the stream

The whole thing was broadcast live, so it’s safe to talk about sabotage. This one was really slick and took place twice. The convention of the podcast is quite simple – you have presenters and girls around. Various topics are discussed, including heavily debatable ones.

During one of them, there was a small exchange of words, and one of the girls was asked to leave. This did not please the “influencer”, so she decided to take down the entire channel.


The version requested by a colleagueCLICK. Of course, the podcast was immediately discontinued and at this point, there are no major consequences.

It was reportedly not directed and can be believed by one detail. The girl had already seemingly accidentally shown too much in the course of the podcast.

Again, a link for a friend – here. It’s an unusual situation that doesn’t seem set up, but who knows? The people responsible for the podcast announced that if Youtube draws any consequences from the incident, there may also be lawsuits.