The crime scene in Cyberpunk 2077 shows that Night City has a life of its own all the time

There are many different things happening in Cyberpunk 2077 that are very easy to miss.

Cyberpunk has many built-in “mini-events”, that is, events that take place somewhere completely next to the player’s storyline. They happen in the background, making them very easy to miss. It’s not like Night City is dead, and nothing is happening in the city.

There is action around almost every corner, sometimes more interesting, sometimes less. In this case, it is a crime, and the arrest of the person who was carrying the girl in the trunk.

Arrest in Cyberpunk 2077

In Cyberpunk, you can see meetings with famous movie stars, there are also scenes of theft, there are also more serious crimes. This is what the Reddit user pablo397 shows on his video.


This example perfectly shows that sometimes it is worth standing for a moment and looking at places that you would not normally look at. Night City is really alive and there are tons of interesting things happening in it that can be easily overlooked.