Zeus can only be used once in a CSGO deadmatch. Something that players missed

With an update to CSGO, Zeus can only be used once during a deathmatch.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive developers in one of the latest updates decided to introduce a certain change to deathmatches. It is very possible that a lot of people did not notice it at all. We are talking about Zeus, which from now on can only be used once during the entire match.

Will Zeus be used more often?

Until now, CS: GO players could use Zeus an unlimited number of times during a deathmatch. Since one of the last updates it is impossible, but it is possible that this change will make the taser more popular. If users can take it with them only once, it is very likely that they will use it more than they do now.

When a player is eliminated, they will not respawn with it again and it will be impossible to buy it again:

This change is rather subtle, although it has quite a significant impact on the gameplay in this mode. It’s hard to say what was the reason for this decision, but perhaps Valve’s developers really want to make this weapon more widely used.