A new update has been released to CSGO, which caused a lot of controversy. Why?

A new update has been released in CS: GO today, which, although it does not change much in the gameplay itself, turned out to be very controversial.

CS: GO players were very irritated by Valve’s decision, which was included in the new update. The update focused on AI fixes, a few bug fixes, and of course the addition of stickers as part of the PGL Major.

It was this latter addition that made fans angry. Valve has changed its rules regarding who will get stickers with their autographs.

What has changed?

The developers have concluded that they will limit the number of players who will be commemorated with their sticker. Only people who made it to the quarter-finals, semi-finals, and the final itself will get them.

The community immediately expressed its dissatisfaction, somehow uniting with the PROs who also do not understand the decision.

The main talk is that it might not be so problematic if Valve had communicated it much earlier.

But the decision has only been announced now, which leaves no room for discussion. Valve is unlikely to change its mind.