TOP 20 highest earning CSGO players. How much have they earned and who is it?

Professional CS: GO players are often able to make a living off their game. Some of them even became millionaires.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is by far one of the biggest esports games in the world.

The title has a very large stage full of professional players, competition organizers, and, of course, fans of such competitions, and thus – sponsors, thanks to which the prizes for some tournaments are really high. However, how much do not the organizations themselves earn, but the players?

Which players earned the most and how much?

The Astralis flagship definitely reigns supreme on the list of top-earning CS: GO players. In 2018, the earnings of the members of this formation exceeded over a million dollars for the first time in the history of CS. As that number now gets closer and closer to $ 2 million, many other players have joined the Millionaire Club.

Currently, dupreeh is the player who managed to earn the most money in CS: GO history. His colleagues – Xyp9x and dev1ce are in the next positions:

1. dupreeh Denmark $1,934,081.07
2. Xyp9x Denmark $1,906,980.23
3. dev1ce Denmark $1,898,931.54
4. gla1ve Denmark $1,759,142.41
5. Magisk Denmark $1,527,540.30
6. s1mple Ukraine $1,173,238.65
7. Stewie2k USA $1,159,840.00
8. FalleN Brazil $1,112,438.92
9. TACO Brazil $1,081,958.27
10. fer Brazil $1,063,838.92
11. NAF Brazil $1,055,265.66
12. coldzera Brazil $1,033,801.46
13. electroNic Russia $1,026,975.33
14. ELiGE USA $1,003,196.42
15. karrigan Denmark $1,001,635.39
16. nitr0 USA $920,151.73
17. JW Sweden $911,060.68
18. olofmeister Sweden $908,811.52
19. Twistzz Canada $891,176.43
20. KRiMZ Sweden $886,123.34

The above sums can be really impressive, although you have to remember that this is only the top of the iceberg. There are many other players who, despite many hours devoted to training and numerous sacrifices, have not achieved such success in the end. Either way, there are a handful of players we can really envy.