From one place you can throw smoke at any position on BS A on Mirage in CSGO

Mirage is a pretty easy map in CS: GO, especially if you get to know it well. A player presented one of the things that is really worth knowing.

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community has gotten to know Mirage very well, considering that it’s one of the oldest maps in the pool and it’s very frequently played.

However, there are some tricks that are really worth knowing as they can make the gameplay even easier there. One of them was presented by a member of the Reddit community who showed how to throw smokes at every position from one place.

How to do it and what will it do during a CS: GO match?

In the video below you can see how the player throws three smoke grenades. Each of them lands perfectly on CT, stairs, and behind stairs, covering jungle and connectors. This is a really effective setup that can make it much easier to attack bombsite A, although you should take into account that enemies can jump out of the smoke at any moment.


Of course, this looks very impressive, although in one match we are unlikely to throw 3 smoke grenades at once. This is very helpful in team play, when players share the positions they throw smokes on. However, knowing the spot from the above video, it will be possible to be very flexible.

Each of the above smokes is very effective, although at first they can seem quite difficult to make. Therefore, they should be practiced on a private server, but they will certainly be useful.