All the nightmares of CSGO players on one skin. It has a great chance of being included in the game

The CS: GO player has created a skin for the game that presents all possible “player nightmares”.

Every day in the CS: GO community there are several dozen different, often very good proposals for new cosmetic items that could be added to the game. One concept, in particular, has been gaining popularity in recent days.

Mainly due to the fact that it is truly unique in terms of the idea itself and its implementation. The skin hasn’t come out yet and has already caused a lot of excitement, as can be seen from the reactions on Reddit, but also in the Workshop.

What’s so special about this skin?

The skin has earned huge recognition from the community because it alludes to various, nightmarish situations for CS: GO players. It presents the biggest problems they have to deal with, such as lags, low FPS, crashes, connection problems, or even lack of elimination or cheaters.

It’s just something different, fresh that the community immediately liked because every CS: GO player has had any of these issues at least once. In the game, the skin also makes sense and can actually be liked.

There is a good chance that the skin will be released into the game. People are already announcing that they will strive for it a lot. Right now, the only thing you can do, apart from sharing it with other users and on social media, is to vote for it on the Steam Workshop. To do this, go to this link.