Two bombs on one map in CSGO. Extremely strange bug in retake mode

CS: GO players found a very strange bug in retake mode. Two explosives on one map?

One of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community members has posted a gameplay video on Reddit. It shows how in retake mode there is a very strange problem related to C4’s.

Well, the player is able to make the bomb to be duplicated – one is planted, while the other goes to his hands.

The error is not serious, the duplicated bomb cannot be planted

As you can see in the video below – the error consists in pressing the “E” key when the bot is planting C4. Usually, using this button is to take the bomb from the bot during tournament matches. Thanks to this, it goes into the hands of the player, but it is only a duplicate. The original explosive is actually planted by the bot, who nevertheless loses it from his hands and seems a bit confused.


Either way, the problem is not that serious as the duplicate bomb cannot be planted or thrown. This is just a strange, if not really minor, bug that will likely be eliminated by CS: GO developers sooner or later.