Why are CSGO players laughing at what the logos of the largest organizations will look like in 2025?

Yesterday, one of the popular organizations unveiled its logo, which started a fairly broad discussion on creativity and current trends.

One of the organizations known as Mouz underwent a rebranding yesterday. There would be nothing unusual about it, if not for the community itself, which recognized that everyone is currently trying to create their logos in one style.

This was to be partially proved by the graphics showing how the logotypes of specific organizations have changed in recent years.

What will it be like in 2025?

One Reddit user joked that in a few years everything will be completely the same – thicker, without clear lines and shapes. All of them would have to leave only a general outline. The entry developed quickly and it is hardly surprising. Some examples:





Will everything really go this way? Of course not, although it would be fun if the entry turned out to be true.