Another CSGO update is coming. A new version with changes to these maps has already been uploaded to the test servers

A new CS: GO update should appear in the coming days or even hours.

A new update should come to CS: GO soon. At the moment it is difficult to say whether it will contain many changes. The first sign of an upcoming patch is the upload of the new compatibility version for the two maps.

Interestingly, Valve still hasn’t got rid of the mysterious Steam Workshop bug. Counter-Strike is displayed as a sequence of numbers instead of its normal name.

Update on the horizon

Two maps have received the latest compatibility versions. Until now it was “”, now it ends with number 5. The maps in question are Ancient and Basalt.

The list of changes is not known yet, but you can guess that the update won’t unfortunately be a big deal. Everyone’s hoping to fix the step bug on Ancient, but it’s hard to say if Valve will ever take care of it.