The official mobile version of CSGO is coming? Players are speculating about this strange bug

The CS: GO player had a very strange graphics problem that looked like a version for mobile devices.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive often has very strange problems that frustrate players or even prevent them from playing. It would seem that no bug could surprise the community anymore, but this graphic bug interested everyone.

Gamers have begun to wonder if this is a mere coincidence or if the developers are working on the mobile version of CS: GO.

Valve will create CS: GO for mobile devices?

Below you can see a screenshot of the game from one of the Reddit community members using the name “Antris”. The production on the screen looks literally as if it was to be adapted to play on mobile devices.

Part of the community took it as a joke and started laughing that it was a leak from mobile Counter-Strike. Another part took it seriously and actually believes that Valve can create something like this, and the bug would be proof of it.

The theory that Valve is developing a mobile version of CS: GO may be plausible, as such a title would surely find a lot of fans. It seems, however, that the screenshot published by “Antris” is not a proof of this, because the alleged version for phones would rather have nothing to do with the title on the PC.