There is a place on Nuke that is used by trolls. The bomb cannot be taken from there

The CS: GO player found a serious bug on the Nuke map. Trolls can make us lose the round because of it.

A member of the Reddit community using the name “pol9500” posted a post on an American site saying: “I lost a few rounds yesterday.” He also added a video showing him dropping a bomb into a certain spot on the Nuke map and unable to get it out of there.

It seems he had a troll on his team that was exploiting this bug. Where is this place located?

Be careful about this place until Valve fixes it

As you can see in the video below – the bug is located on the terrorist spawn, so you should be very careful about this place because the C4 can end up there even by accident.


It’s hard to say whether the developers are aware of the problem, but the issue has been slightly publicized on Reddit. Trolls are taking advantage of this bug, so Gabe Newell and co should address it as soon as possible.

It is worth remembering that deliberate use of such errors to disturb your team in the game is against the rules of CS. When our teammate uses this or a similar bug – it’s worth reporting him.