This duel s1mple 1vs5 in CSGO is sad to watch. Nobody was even surprised

Everyone knows that s1mple has some amazing plays. But some of them are sad to see.

s1mple doesn’t have to prove anything anymore, just look at his game to understand why he is so good. His duels often look like he’s just playing against bots.

His next action has been found on the web, which from the opponents’ perspective looks as if someone was playing with a launched bot. The players had virtually no time to react, they couldn’t even take aim when it was over.

s1mple and his 1vs5

From the s1mple perspective, it looks like he is just shooting to bots. They come out one by one. It’s funny that no one is even too surprised. Nobody screams in delight, nobody grabs his head, you can only see a slight smile.


How was it for the opposing team? So unusual that players comment on it, saying only “sorry to see it”.


Killing an opponent like s1mple is an incredibly tough journey to victory.