Which CSGO stickers from the Major in Stockholm are the best looking in the opinion of players?

The community discusses a lot about Stockholm’s Major stickers. They are the prettiest ever?

There is a lot of talk about the fact that some teams and players will not receive their own stickers from the Major in Stockholm.

Much of the community is also discussing the appearance of these cosmetics, which some say may be the most beautiful ever. We have selected the stickers that are most often discussed by players, which have something special about them.

Which Stockholm Major’s stickers are the most unique?

As usual, the developers have released three types of stickers on the market:

  • regular,
  • foil,
  • holo,
  • golden.

Of course, the latter are the most desirable, due to their rarity, but other versions can also look really great and hit high prices due to their visual qualities. An example of this are the well-made, foil-wrapped Entropiq and MOUZ stickers:

However, more attention can be paid to the holographic versions of FURIA and Spirit stickers, which shimmer with various colors, but the golden color is particularly eye-catching. It even resembles the style offered by the famous collector’s skin – Dragon Lore.

The Copenhagen Flames sticker, filled with an interesting amber color, also looks interesting. Thanks to this, it resembles a real flame:

Of course, we could also add some gold stickers, but their uniqueness is too obvious and everyone knows it. However, the above stickers are most often awarded by the community and have a good chance of getting a higher price in the future.