What’s the favorite CSGO players map? Most players’ choices aren’t that obvious

What are the community’s favorite maps? The answers are not as obvious as it seems.

Most of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players have their favorite maps on which they feel most confident or comfortable.

If you’d be asked about the community’s most-liked map, Mirage would probably be your first answer. And indeed it is so, but it turns out that the other answers are not so obvious. Why?

One of the maps is not in the tournament maps pool

The chart below was created by Reddit user “Nqth_”, who researched the CS: GO community’s views on a variety of topics. Mirage is the most favorite map among the people surveyed.

In the following positions are Inferno, Dust 2, Nuke, and… Cache. It is the last of the above-mentioned maps that is the biggest surprise because it is not included in the tournament maps pool.

This means that although Cache is no longer in the pool, many people still remember it and consider it their favorite map.

If Ancient did not take this place for such a long time, it looks like it was not Valve’s best decision. Either way, it’s not worth expecting anything to change. Developers will definitely stick to their decision.