This is the last chance for a winter update in CSGO. Valve should introduce a new update in a moment

If Valve were to introduce anything typically winter-like, it would probably happen during the next update.

In CS: GO, there used to be some really interesting events, be it for Halloween or just for the typical Christmas period. For some time now, Valve has unfortunately stopped adding new content related to specific seasons.

Players massively ask for any events to return to the game that are not just about adding new cases. If anything were to happen, it should be available in the next few days.

Because the update has to come out soon

Valve has two very important things to add:

  • Service Medal for 2022,
  • Dreams & Nightmare case release.

The studio will be closed for Christmas soon, so this is really the last moment to start adding these new features. Of course, Valve can set everything up and turn it on remotely, but the odds are rather slim.

If nothing winter-related is released in the next update, we can forget about something more than the case – this one is already in the files, so it just needs to be released.