Valve dealt with the biggest problem of switching from CSGO engine to Source 2? It looks so

It has been known for some time that the transition of CS: GO to the new engine is possible.

Moving CS: GO to Source 2 is not at all impossible, as the players themselves have proven in recent weeks. Valve, however, had a bigger conundrum than just relocating the maps and mechanics. Even the developers themselves have always mentioned that the Workshop will be the real problem here.

The point was that everything that was in the Workshop so far would no longer be compatible with Global Offensive. The developers didn’t seem to be working on the port on Source 2, but Gabe Follower reported that there was a chance that Valve found a solution.

What changed?

Of course, this cannot be treated as a final confirmation that CS: GO will switch to Source 2, but obviously, someone wants to include CS when making changes to the engine itself and the elements around it.

Of course, you can conclude from this that there is more to it than just making work easier for the future, and it is just like “CoolApe” writes:

So the developers may have found a way to make things added to the Workshop compatible with Source 2 and CS: GO itself on the new engine. Unofficial, uncertain, unconfirmed but possible.

The only question is whether “possible” is sufficient today. CS: GO on Source 2 is practically a myth that next generations may believe in several dozen years from now.