The simplest smoke in CSGO that will allow you to get “free” frags. It’s used by pro players

This is definitely one of the simplest smokes in CSGO. You just need to know it, you don’t have to learn it.

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, there are tons of popular moves that work and are known to all experienced players. However, there are grenades that are not very well known anymore, and at the same time, you do not need to learn them, which is due to their simplicity.

A great example is the smoke that Natus Vincere used against the MIBR team. It allows to get a few “free” frags during the match, so it’s worth knowing it.

How does the Na`Vi grenade work and when can it be used?

In the clip below you can see how the grenade works and how you can use it. During the attack on B, anti-terrorists very often line up on the short, while waiting for enemies to jump out of the apartments.

Now it’s very easy to get rid of such a player and make him no longer a problem, and at the same time get some very easy frags during the match.


The smoke itself breaks the rules of the game in a way because it is thrown behind the wall and goes through it without any problems. This is by no means realistic and developers should be interested in this type of phenomenon. However, as long as they do not do anything about it – it is worth using it.