There has been a very controversial situation in the world of CSGO. In Riot and LoL, it ended in a boycott

A year ago, at LoL, there was a huge drama when it turned out that the LEC had started working with NEOM – the city of the future in Saudi Arabia.

ESL and Faceit have gone even further. It was confirmed overnight that the two entities were purchased by the Savvy Gaming Group, which in turn is backed by the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund.

Let us remind you that there was a drama in LoL about cooperation with the city of Saudi Arabia, and now it turns out that ESL and Faceit will belong to an entity financed by Saudi Arabia. It didn’t take long for a response.

Industry responses to this information

After 24 hours, Riot withdrew from his idea of cooperation and apologized to everyone for their mistake. It was similar on the occasion of BLAST, which also decided that cooperation with Saudi Arabia is an ill-considered move.

In the case of ESL and Faceit, this is unlikely to be expected, although the industry has not reacted that strongly, at least not yet.

A total of $ 1 billion was paid for ESL, and Faceit was purchased for $ 500 million. So far, according to all the messages, nothing will change, except that both entities will closely cooperate with each other, share solutions, etc.