The President of Ukraine congratulated Natus Vincere on the victory. This shows how important e-sport is

Hearing about the victory of Natus Vincere at Major reached the Ukrainian president.

Top-level electronic sports are becoming an increasingly important field in the world. The players of Natus Vincere won the Major’s competition in Stockholm yesterday, and even the President of Ukraine has heard about it.

As Na`Vi includes players from Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky congratulated the formation on its success on his social media.

Na`Vi players in CS: GO distinguish Ukraine on the world map

The President of Ukraine wrote in his Twitter post:

Our e-sportsmen have been winning titles that distinguish Ukraine on the world map for decades. Yesterday was no exception. The Ukrainian team, Natus Vincere, won the Major’s tournament in CS: GO for the first time in its history. Another success that inspires many!

Team Natus Vincere, and above all s1mple, have indeed been showing class on the CS: GO scene for many years. Of course, it should not be forgotten that Na`Vi also has Russian players, but Ukraine is definitely a less known and important country on the international arena. Therefore, players from there distinguish the ccountry and effectively remind CS: GO fans from abroad about its existence.