It is possible that you will never see a similar action in CSGO. A coincidence changes the fate of the round

Such a coincidence in CSGO may not repeat itself anymore.

In the history of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, there have been many cases where a coincidence completely changes the tide of a round. Rarely, however, is a twist of fate so precise that everything fits right down to the pixel and microseconds. However, such a situation took place during the Major’s games in Stockholm.

What really happened here?

As you can see in the material below – a really unusual situation occurs when one of the players throws a grenade. This causes it lying on the ground to rise into the air, and then it is unexpectedly hit by a projectile from the AWP. As a result, the shot misses the terrorist, who later eliminates his opponent.


Such situations in CS: GO are rather rare, although they make this title have its magic. After all, you never really know what the next round or even the whole match will be, which at such competitions as Major evokes even greater emotions.