Na`Vi player is the best at Major CSGO, but this time it’s not about s1mple

The world has already got used to the fact that s1mple is TOP 1 in Natus Vincere. But it turns out that this time it’s different.

Natus Vincere is the best team in the world right now. The Ukrainian-Russian squad has recently been second to none, as shown by the statistics on HLTV. So far, s1mple was the diamond in the Na`Vi’s crown, but it turns out that this state of affairs may be gone. From the statistics from this year’s Major, it can be established that Kostyliev was beaten by his friend.

The young CSGO player has very good statistics on the Major

B1T is a player who played for Na`Vi Junior almost until the end of last year. He was later moved to the main roster of this organization and now shows that it was a really good move. He even managed to beat s1mple, who in the past was considered the best player in the world.

It is worth noting that B1T is only 18 years old, so his career is just beginning. He still has time to develop his skills and a chance to reach the top.

The Major’s games are not over yet, so the only thing left to do is watch the young progamer. So far, he has only played 4 maps, so a lot depends on how he will handle the next challenges.