The music set of the well-known rapper will soon come to CSGO? Valve has published a teaser

A music set from bbno$ will soon be available in CSGO. It’s almost certain.

Valve surprised their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community this time by having an interesting post posted on their social media. It shows that soon a new music set will appear in the game, the author of which will be a well-known Canadian rapper and singer – bbno$. What will it sound like?

How does the new music set in CSGO from bbno$ sound like?

On his social media, bbno$ uploaded a post in which he provokes Valve, saying, “I bet you won’t.” The developers decided to write back to this post and included only the following fragment of the song with the annotation “Attachment: new_song_dont_share.mp3” in the content.


It seems that the developers intend to add a new music kit from this artist to the game in the near future.

At the moment it is not known when the new music set will hit Counter-Strike, but it will probably be in the next update. The community seems to be really interested in this collaboration and a lot of people will be interested in buying it, so the price can be quite high as well.