The CSGO player showed off his perfect spray. The community is surprised by the effectiveness

The perfect CS: GO spray can sometimes be more effective than a good aim. One of the players proved it.

It is commonly accepted that a good shooter is a player who has high aiming skills. It is indeed one of the most needed skills in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, although one community member has proven that in some situations it can be better to master gun spray patterns well.

What does the perfect spray pattern look like?

In the video below, you can see how the spray pattern is handled by one of Reddit’s users, “millaOwo”. The player has great control over the recoil and thus copes well with his opponents, who are very often unable to stop him.


This just shows that in Counter-Strike, a spray pattern can sometimes be more useful than being able to aim straight for the head. By combining both of these skills and adding smart and thoughtful gameplay to it all, you can become a really high-performing player.

Controlling the recoil of weapons can be practiced on specially designed maps. One of the most popular is by far the “Recoil Master – Spray Training” which can be found at this link on the Steam Workshop.