Back in 2018, Valve removed something from CSGO, but no one noticed it

During the update, Valve sometimes makes some changes that are not mentioned in the official descriptions. This is probably one of them.

Valve once introduced something that was in the game for a few years and then silently removed it without anyone noticing it. It might seem that this is probably an irrelevant element of the game, but it turns out completely different.

Apparently, for Gabe Newell and the company, it was nothing important, or maybe it was removed by a simple mistake of one of the developers – the case only came out 3 years after the removal, so it’s hard to judge here if it was Valve’s decision or someone made a mishap. What was removed?

The removed element concerns the M4A1-S and USP-S silencers

We are talking about putting on and taking off silencers from the M4A1-S and USP-S. This was hearable to other players prior to the April 30, 2018 update, but was removed immediately afterward. At the moment, you can not hear someone unscrewing or reattaching the silencer. The decision to make this change seems rather strange, especially since Valve’s developers have not informed about it at all.


The CS: GO community is currently wondering if Valve made this change for some reason, or if it was the result of a developer error. The developers, of course, did not comment on the whole matter and you can guess that they will not do so. Either way, it was sometimes helpful in locating enemies by sounds.