How to check how many cheaters you have played in CSGO with recently? There is an easy way to do this

Do you think you are bad in CS: GO? For starters, it’s worth checking how many cheaters you have encountered recently.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has protection against cheaters in the form of VAC, but this one very often turns out to be completely ineffective. Much of the community complains about the cheaters they often see on Valve’s servers.

The average player may think that he is bad, but in fact, he is facing opponents with cheats. There is an easy way to find out how many you have encountered on CS servers.

You just need to download the plug-in for CS: GO

Ban Checker is an extension to the Google Chrome browser that allows the identification of users who have been met on servers by a given person and have a VAC ban in their registers. This tool allows you to dive into your’s many years of history and discover how many cheaters you have encountered.

To use this option, follow the steps below:

  • Download the Ban Checker for Steam extension and install it on Google Chrome.
  • Go to the Steam website and log in.
  • In your profile, click on the “Games” tab on the right.
  • Scroll down to CS: GO and click on the “Personal Game Data” drop-down menu.
  • “Load your full match history” via Steam’s Ban Checker and wait for it to load.
  • Click on “Check loaded matches for bans”.

This may require the page to be refreshed multiple times, which may take a long time depending on the length of the player’s match history. But when it is over, it will give you a total number showing how many players you have met over the years and how many of them have been VAC banned.

It is worth remembering that the tool is not completely accurate. Some people could really cheat and not get a VAC ban. Another part may have been banned from games such as Rust and Team Fortress 2.