How to perform a good jump peek in CSGO? Every player should have this skill

Jump peek in CS: GO can be a really important skill. What is it and what is it useful for?

In the simplest terms, jump peek is a skill that relies on quickly leaning your character around a corner in such a way that the opponent does not have time to make an accurate shot.

It is especially useful during tournament matches where players assume that an opponent, for example with an AWP, may be standing behind a given wall. With a good jump peek, you can get info or confuse your opponent, and then eliminate him quickly.

What does a good jump peek look like and how to do it?

In the following excerpt from a YouTuber video using the name “dehaze”, you can see two examples of well-made jump peeks. The first one is performed by s1mple, while the second by ropza:


Some players learn to jump peek with experience and in fact do not even need to know the name of the move to perform it in an exemplary manner. However, it takes many hours of practice, so try to learn it beforehand. The following video, which details the process in detail, can be a great help:


It is worth training this skill, for example, in simpler modes, during warm-ups, or on deathmatches. This can be a really effective trick, especially when it comes to eliminating AWP opponents.