Women’s only games have divided the world of CSGO. “So when are the men’s only tournaments?”

You’d think people got used to women’s only tournaments by now. In CS: GO, however, it was not without controversy.

If you don’t know anything about it, ESL has announced a new league for women “GGForAll”. The CS: GO community became divided, especially after quite harsh words from one of the commentators.

He said that at the same time, discrimination and ridicule are being fought, and on the other hand, such tournaments show the problem of discrimination, in this case of men.

Only for women

This topic is extremely sensitive and any opinion may offend someone. That is why the entries of this particular commentator caused so much discussion. Semmler is asking when the men’s only tournaments will be available.

People clearly divided. Some believe that there is nothing wrong with tournaments for women, as nobody forbids hosting tournaments only for men. Others point out that if someone decided to organize such a tournament, they would be extremely criticized.

The topic of women in esports, or CS: GO in general, will always provoke discussion and that is unlikely to change, at least until some female team actually starts to achieve significant international success.