The new CSGO update introduces the Service Medal for 2022. Presentation of all levels

A new update has arrived to CS: GO, weighing as much as 20MB.

As anticipated, a new update has been introduced to CS: GO. This one is not very big and definitely not meant to add winter versions of maps, items, or anything related to the current period of time.

Interestingly, Riot approached the subject the same way. This year, there is absolutely nothing winter in LoL, no maps, no skins, nothing. Only the mobile version, “Wild Rift”, has some additions. This suggests that the gaming industry will deviate from the well-established pattern of introducing new features related to the seasons.

What has the new update added?

A service medal has arrived. The developers even added a short note about it. The medal will be available from January 1, 2022.

Levels 1-6:

What else was in these 20MB? Valve limited themselves to fixing a bug with the chat wheel that was causing some items to display badly or not at all. And that’s basically it, there’s nothing else.