The CS GO player hit 5 headshots with the deagle and won the clutch 1 vs 4. Spectacular action

The CS: GO player won the 1vs4 clutch while taking out 5 of his rivals with Desert Eagle headshots.

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community boasts a lot of their in-game actions on Reddit. Some of them are really impressive, like the situation from the clip shared by “flow1h”.

It shows how the player is doing perfectly in a 1 vs 4 situations, having only the Desert Eagle at his disposal.

How did he do it?

The clip below shows exactly why the Desert Eagle is a truly powerful handgun and how much it can do in a round. This gun is especially helpful when we face opponents armed with rifles and at the same time, we have no money for anything better. This is one of the few cheap weapons that can doa lot.


Such situations encourage more frequent training sessions with Deagle. Thanks to this, there are higher chances to kill your opponents in a difficult moment during a match, and above all during rounds with low funds at your disposal.