S1mple mercilessly answers who impressed him in the group stage to Major CSGO

The group stage for Major CSGO is coming to an end. But has no one managed to shine so far?

Challengers Stage to Major in Stockholm is almost over. The games will be played until tomorrow, so each participating player had a chance to prove himself. It would seem that many matches aroused quite a lot of emotions in the audience, but it turns out that during their duration no player managed to shine with their skills… or at least in the opinion of s1mple.

Nobody impressed s1mple at the Challengers Stage?

S1mple runs its social media quite actively. On one of them, he decided to answer a few questions from his fans, and one of them was:

Who impressed you in Challenger stage?

The Ukrainian player answered this question in a very short and brutal way – “nobody”.

Even the Entropiq team, the former Winstrike squad, which has been doing really well for several months, enjoyed great results. It is also worth adding that one of the best players in the Challengers Stage so far is El1an, who is a member of the previously mentioned team from Russia.

Anyway, s1mple was not surprised by the skills of any of the players. On the other hand, this is not a big surprise as his formation is the main favorite to win the Major.