CSGO saves itself again. An increase of over 100% brought the game back to TOP 10

CS: GO had a big problem, not even with the number of people playing, but with the audience. Valve’s production was on the verge of Twitch’s TOP 10.

Counter Strike’s viewership is very heavily dependent on tournaments. If there are none, then CS: GO drops quite rapidly in the statistics. It was exactly like that this time. Even now, on a monthly basis, Valve’s production is in 10th place in terms of viewership on Twitch.

PGL Major Stockholm 2021 changed everything. In the last 3 days, CS: GO saw an over 100% increase in viewers. As a result, the game managed to outperform many other productions.

CS: GO in 4th place, for the first time in a long while

Of course, it is temporary, but it is worth taking note of this moment because it may not happen again for a long time. CS: GO is currently in fourth place, and ahead are:

  • Just Chatting,
  • LoL,
  • GTA 5.

It is highly doubtful that it will be possible to keep this number of viewers in the long run, but it will certainly have a positive effect on the entire community. Recently, all the charts, as well as those related to the number of players and audience, have been very bad compared to other games.