How the organizers of one of the CSGO tournaments mocked Valve and the changes that took place on Dust 2

The organizers of the CS: GO “WePlay” tournament are laughing at Valve’s decision on Dust 2.

Recently, there has been a lot of mention in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community about the change that Valve’s developers made on Dust 2.

Since the release of one of the last updates, the TT spawn has limited access to the door in the middle. The organizers of the WePlay tournament decided to joke with the decision of the owners of the title with a very funny animation.

What is the animation of Dust 2 like?

In the video below you can see what the animation presented by the organizers of the WePlay competition looks like. It shows an anti-terrorist who plays Tetris on a tablet. At the same time, the “brick” covering the door in the middle falls from the air at a characteristic pace on the terrorists’ spawn.


A large part of the community laughs at Valve’s decision, although many people really like this solution. Either way, there are criticisms that it could have been done in a way that’s more pleasing to the eye.

The change made on Dust 2 will likely stay with CS: GO players for long, if not forever. However, it can be expected that the community will laugh about it for quite some time.