After that, you will stop complaining about CSGO flashes. The player made their effect even stronger (for some reason)

People have all sorts of weird ideas about how to spice up their CS: GO game.

Rather, no one likes the moment you play quietly in a dark room and suddenly get flashed. The natural reaction is to squint and slightly irritate that such effects are found in CS: GO. One of the players decided to intensify this effect.

He installed a very strong light in his room, which he combined with the production of Valve. Why? A good question that is hard to answer. But it definitely made flash realistic.

When you complain about a flash…

A Reddit user with the nickname “MorrisTheGod” placed a light source connected to CS: GO on the monitor. As soon as someone threw the flash, the light started to shine very brightly, actually blinding the person sitting in front of the monitor.


The only question is why? Probably so that the player could feel like our character in the game. It seems weird since most of the time we can hear complaints about effects and interfaces being blinding. For example, once in Overwatch, there was a petition to change the game menu because it was too bright at night.

There were even memes on this subject that perfectly show that the bright elements are not what players would like to see. And yet there are those who not only like it, but want even more.