CSGO players appear as product faces in stores. Whose image was on the stand?

Professional CSGO players are becoming more and more recognizable. They are the faces of products in stores.

Some time ago came the days when electronic sports became a common field of competition in the world. More and more people are interested in the subject, so professional players are becoming authorities, especially when it comes to technology. Therefore, the faces of pro gamers are placed in shops, at stands, for example with keyboards of specific brands.

What does it look like, who can we see, and where?

In the photos below you can see shots from the US Best Buy store. The stands feature images of Shox and Rain, representing Corsair and Steelseries equipment, respectively.

Professional players are increasingly starting to advertise computer equipment, but not only. Some community members confirm situations when pro gamers promote, for example, TVs:


Not only in the USA, stands with gaming accessories display the images of professional players. It is similar in Russia, for example: