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Girl streamers aren’t the only ones doing weird things. The CSGO streamer stood up, took off his pants and began to shave

We usually write about girls doing weird things. This time it’s about a guy.

It’s not that only streamers do “forbidden” things. In most cases, the ‘offenses’ of men are simply smaller. This time it’s a little bit different. One of the streamers while playing CS: GO just stood up, took off his pants, and started shaving.

Yes, he also took off the underwear. It is difficult to say where such an idea came from and why it happened in general. You could see everything, as a result of which the streamer was of course banned.

Unusual CS: GO streamer ban

It would seem that we have seen practically everything. And yet, Twitch can still surprise us. The channel is already banned, so there’s no way you can even figure out from the clips why the streamer did it. One can only suspect that it was about publicity.

Such offenses are treated very differently by Twitch. In some cases, TTV bans a person for 3 days, in others, it is a permaban without the possibility of appeal. It is not known how it will be in this case.

(For streamers – censored version, can be watched live)


The channel is banned at the moment, according to people who watched the already removed VOD, the streamer was shaving his entire body, it looked like a breakdown.