A popular YouTuber shows how much he earned from “short” which had over 12 million views

One of the popular YouTubers with over 2.5 million subscribers shared information about his earnings.

Shorts are definitely a good way to increase your viewership for YouTubers. However, these are not a very good source of money, as Ludwig, among others, points out. He is a popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber who has collected over 2.5 million subscriptions.

Based on his experience, he shows how much you can earn from shorts, i.e. short videos that Youtube introduced to compete with TikTok.

12 million views, how much money is that?

For 12 million views, the YouTuber made… $ 85.

On the contrary, a normal video that has 2 million views earned 1.7 thousand dollars. And that’s a pretty good amount. If videos and shorts earned roughly the same, YouTubers would have a good source of earnings.

There are tons of creators who have started uploading their TikToks on YouTube. It makes some sense, but even with the 20-30 million views on one short, such a person will earn about $ 200 from it.