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This is how completing jigsaw puzzles look like on Twitch. Building sand houses ended up with a streamer getting banned

The creativity of streamers in the ways to attract viewers with their bodies is truly admirable.

2022, streamers seemed to understand that Twitch is not a very good place to display your body. And yet, there are still many women who choose to maneuver between the new audience and the next ban.

This is another example of the fact that wearing a swimsuit and its weird “use” is not acceptable on Twitch. Completing jigsaw puzzle has passed, but the channel was eventually banned literally a few minutes ago.

Twitch in 2022

One of the streamers, whose content was mainly based on swimming pools, beaches, and puzzles, decided to get even more viewers. Until now, she was watched by several hundred people, so something had to be changed. It started with a jigsaw puzzle.

A small camera focused on the actual game, the other one for the streamer. Everything is smoothly changed so that the viewer does not get bored with one view.


Here one may still pretend that it is not about the body. In the case of creating sand houses, this is rather obvious. And it is probably for this that the channel was banned a moment ago.


There were other shots as well, but they are not even suitable for showing, and censorship would be pointless. Does this affect the viewership overall? Of course. Thanks to this, it is still easy to gain an audience despite the passage of time.

As you can see, however, Twitch is not so kind to it. The channel was banned despite the fact that in theory, the stream was in line with the ToS. If the streamer did not get into such poses, then she could safely transmit on.