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The Minecraft streamer forgot to hide the “adult toys” which Twitch noticed

One of the popular streamers and YouTubers of Minecraft had a small slip-up during his broadcast on Twitch.

F1NN5TER is a popular person in the Minecraft world. He is watched by over 450,000 people on Twitch, while on Youtube he managed to collect over 520,000 subscriptions. The streamer is known, among other things, for dressing up and trolling people on the Internet in the guise of “egirl”.

During the last stream, F1N did not clean his room well enough. As a result, at some point a “toy” for adults was unveiled. The streamer was very embarrassed and reacted quickly.

A slip-up during a stream

At first, no one noticed but soon donates with a clear message to look at the wall or behind the streamer’s back. It took him a moment to realize what it was all about. Of course, the situation is unusual for TTV, so the clip with this situation already has over 150,000 views.


Streamer mentioned that he needs to take care of this as it is against Twitch’s regulations. Yes, in theory, he could be banned for it, but it doesn’t look like it. His reaction was correct, he apologized for the mishap and the matter will probably end there.